Klos Energy Consulting, LLC


Thank you for visiting our Web site. Klos Energy Consulting specializes in Big Data analytics for the electric and gas utility industry. This includes Energy Efficiency, Demand Response and Dynamic Pricing planning and evaluation, as well as customer energy use analysis and targeted marketing lists, among other things. Mary has worked for over thirty years in the electric and gas utility industry, while Daniel has spent his time working in information technology and operations research.

In 2006 we learned that our skill sets go well together when we both started working as consultants in the energy industry. Daniel has the know-how to efficiently handle and clean large datasets, like monthly billing records and 5-minute meter data, while Mary can apply statistics and econometric models to measure impacts and write reports. Daniel is also an experienced and innovative Web designer who can develop custom systems to meet any need, like tracking field surveys that are linked to mapping software, and Mary has extensive project management, presentation and training skills.

In 2011 we started our own consulting company to offer our services directly to clients. Together, we believe we can deliver high quality work based on care and attention to each client's unique needs. Our years of experience give us the ability to complete work quickly without rookie mistakes, and our purposely small shop reduces our overhead. The result is a high quality product in your hands more quickly and at a lower cost than what you will find elsewhere.

So, browse our Web site to see the things we can do and contact us if you have ideas you would like to talk about! We look forward to hearing from you.


Daniel and Mary Klos