Klos Energy Consulting, LLC
SAS Consultation

Mary is a Certified Base SAS Programmer who has been using SAS software for nearly thirty years. Her expertise lies in using SAS to perform statistical analysis.

Daniel is equally adept at SAS, with his expertise being in using SAS for a wide variety of data management issues, particularly related to handling very large datasets or interfacing SAS with other software.

Both Mary and Daniel are available for SAS consultation. Small retainers can be established for quick how-to questions or code walk-throughs on an as-needed basis. Examples of SAS consultation projects that Daniel or Mary have worked on are listed on this page.

Correcting Misspelled Words in Short-answer Survey Data. A medical research client was having difficulty analyzing manually-entered data from customers because of misspellings. The solution was a SAS program linking to Google which automatically pulled down the recommended spelling for the misspelled words. (2011)

Program Walk-throughs. Both Daniel and Mary have frequently walked through SAS programs written by new SAS users. The walk-through checks for errors, saving de-bugging time and reducing errors, and also gives advice on ways to improve the efficiency of the processing and make use of SAS's many special features. (various times)