Klos Energy Consulting, LLC

Mary Klos has worked in the utility industry since 1980 and has a wide range of experience in the areas of demand response and energy efficiency impact evaluation, strategic resource planning, demand-side management portfolio development; load forecasting and end use analysis, and development of computer systems for analysis and tracking.

In 1982 she began working for Wisconsin Public Service Corporation. Over the years, she held a variety of analyst and management roles in load forecasting, strategic market planning, program tracking and evaluation, and market research. In 2006 she joined Navigant (formerly Summit Blue Consulting) and focused on impact evaluation of energy efficiency and demand response programs, including time-of-use, direct load control, curtailment, critical peak pricing and real-time pricing programs for all customer segments. In 2011, she started Klos Energy Consulting with her husband, Daniel.

Mary has an MBA from the University of Wisconsin and a BA in Economics from Beloit College. See Mary's full resume here

Daniel Klos has worked for over 35 years in the information technology field, designing, coding and developing many software packages. He specializes in combining high-level mathematical analysis methods with efficient data processing skills. In the early years of his career he wrote optimization systems for determining the most cost effective way to schedule tasks, such as moving freight or scheduling employee time shifts.

Since 2006 he has applied his skills in mathematics and IT to the analysis of electric and gas utility data and the development of Web-based systems to support energy program evaluation work. He is an expert at identifying troublesome or incorrect patterns in large datasets and finding ways to clean or fix the data. He takes care to identify bad data which might distort later analysis. He has also developed innovative probabilistic methods for filling in missing data.

Daniel has expertise in many different computer languages. Currently, his favorite tools are Access, VBA, PHP and SAS. Daniel earned a BA in Mathematics from Beloit College (back in the days before there were any IT classes offered at colleges). He began as a self-taught programmer and has kept his skills up-to-date with that same learning style. See Daniel's full resume here