Klos Energy Consulting, LLC
What Clients Are Saying

What Clients Are Saying:

Here are a few comments Daniel and Mary have received on their work for clients:

“Mary builds excellent rapport with her clients by listening to them and scoping out their needs, by asking thought-provoking questions and sharing innovative research and analytical techniques. She works to customize and simplify her findings. It is a unique skill that can make something that is complicated look very simple – and be exactly what the audiences are looking for. Mary is extremely reliable, dependable and accessible. Clients are confident and comfortable that Mary will deliver. They can 'sleep at night.'”
Utility Research Manager

“Mary was very effective (in her presentation), clear and concise in her comments and she answered the questions posed – great job!”
Utility Program Manager after a public stakeholders meeting

“Mary can make numbers dance and sing.”
Utility Competitive Intelligence Advisor

Now we know we have at least three friends!! Let us work for you and then you can add your comments to this list.