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Daniel's Public Web Sites

Mary writes papers, while Daniel builds Web sites. Take a look at these public Web sites that Daniel has created and you will see a variety of apps. One of them may give you an idea for a custom Web site that you might like to have Daniel build for you.

Free World-wide Hourly Weather Data

Click here to use the Web site that Daniel created to download free hourly weather data from NOAA. First you will find a map of the world that lets you easily locate the weather stations near the area you are interested in. Click on the weather station icons on the map to learn how much weather data is available at each site. When you find the data you want, you can request a download. The hourly weather data will be delivered to you in a zipped .csv format. This is the quickest and easiest way to find and get historical hourly weather data from NOAA. Daniel built it for his own use, but we are happy to share it with others and spread the joy.
Link: http://www.klosenergy.com/weather/index.html

Web-enabled Custom Trail Systems

Have you ever wanted to make your own trail on a map so you could share it with others? How about adding icons with links to information on local restaurants or other sites of interest?

Well, now you can make your own trail maps with Daniel's Web-enabled Custom Trail System. Anyone can try it out to see how it works by going here. Maybe you just want to make a trail map of your usual jogging route. We're sure there are many ways that it could be used that we haven't thought of yet. We encourage you to give it a try.

Organizations that have started using Daniel's Custom Trail System are listed on this page. Click on the project name to get more details on how they used it.
Version 1: http://www.nkmsnow.com/snow/snpublicview.php
Version 2 (In development): http://www.customtrails.com

Web-enabled Home Energy Analysis

Residential customers of the Tennessee Valley Authority can log in to one of Daniel's custom Web sites to learn more about how they can use energy more efficiently in their homes. It was written using PHP and Java.

Web-enabled Custom Scheduling Systems

Have you ever needed to make a schedule based on the availability of many different persons and a complex array of tasks that needed to be done?

Well, now you can get your own Custom Scheduling System from Daniel at an affordable price. You can see an example of one of his Custom Scheduling Systems by going here.
Link: http://lakeshoreofficials.com/newsports/splogin.php

Projects that have used one of Daniel's Custom Scheduling Systems:

Pepco Holdings Direct Load Control Study (2010 to 2011)

Commonwealth Edison Residential CFL Study of Illinois and Kansas, including automatic creation of individual cover sheets to go out in the field (2010)

Puget Sound Energy Residential HVAC Duct System Evaluation (2010)

Tucson Electric Power Residential and Commercial DSM Baseline and Potential Study (2010)

PECO Energy DSM Baseline Study (2010)

Arizona Public Service Residential HVAC Quality Inspection Study (2010)

AEP-Ohio DSM Baseline and Potential Study (2010)

CPUC Low Income Solar Inspection Project (2010)

Progress Energy-Carolinas Energy Efficiency Benchmarking (2010)

Commonwealth Edison Residential HVAC Evaluation (2009-2010)

Ottertail Power DSM Baseline and Potential Study (2009)

Palm Desert HVAC Study, including Commercial Refrigerant Charge and Airflow (RCA) sites. (2009)

California Public Utility Commission High Impact Measure C&I Lighting Study, including creating of a centralized inventory system for loggers. (2009)

Nova Scotia Potential Study (2009)

Arizona Public Service Residential Lighting Study, including code to access the raw logger hexidecimal data and extract internal logger settings (2009)

California Public Utilities Commission Residential Gas Study (2008-2009)

Minnesota Office of Energy Security DSM Potential Study (2008-2009)